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ovinces and cities◆ will be part ○of the rural home ●appliance proje●ct when it ■kicks off on D

Microsoft◆'s display ■of a hardwa〓re and software◆ platform for the ●next generatio■n of more usef◆ul and flexibl○e household obje●cts, applian●ces and accesso○ries has bec○ome one of the hig●hlights. Two of the ●conce


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cording to th■e plan, the cent◆ral government wi■ll give farmers a ●13 percent subs〓idy on all purchases● of certain hous○ehold applian◆ces.In fact,〓 the list of suc●h items ha■s also been 〓expanded. Washing ma○chines have ○joined the original ●line-up which includ●es color TVs, refrig●erators and■ mobile phone■s. Authorities have 〓also lowered● their req●uirements ■for manufact◆urers who provide ap◆pliances for the su■b
sidy program.Liu ●Haiquan